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Old Oswestry Iron Age Hillfort

OS Ref: ??  Type: Fort

Access: Good, limited parking, poorly signposted in town        Disabled: No

This is quite an impressive fort, probably best visited in the winter when all the foliage is minimal. A long slope from the parking area takes you to the top. The flat area at the top is fenced in, and full of cows when I visited.

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From the air. Notice the indentations on the front entrance, unique to this fort and of unknown purpose. The car park is opposite the track in the pictures centre. I personally think the indentations are there to make attack difficult and guide attackers up easier gradients where, of course, they can be picked off easily


The fortifications are clearly visible in this photo










The next few shots are general ones of and from the defences:

At the top of the main entrance



From the top


An interesting but unsurprising feature is that at the east of the fort, where the hill is lowest, the defences are much more severe.

Across the entrance 

One of the West Entrance indents in summer - unrecognisable as such.. The bottom was full of water and peaty, even after a long dry spell, so invaders would not be able to hide there or easily attack from the base if the same was true when the fort was in use.