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Mexico- Coba and Chichen Itza

O.K.! So its not the UK, not the Bronze or any other age so old, but highly interesting in their own right are the Mayans and their history. In 2003 we went for a couple of weeks to Mexico, in the Cancun area. Below are a few snaps taken whilst we were there visiting Coba and Chichen Itza and some thoughts. I have not included much Mayan information here but if there is demand, I might add it!

As so often happened, happens and presumably will continue to happen, in the name of God, unspeakable horrors are perpetuated both to non-Christians and Christians alike. It seems that all religions must only enact the parts of the creed that are "suitable", including the stupid Islamic extremists that ignore the Koran.

In this case, a bunch of nasty Spanish mercenaries and their priests were lucky that the Maya had a prophesy about the return of a bearded pale-skinned person. In order to portray the Maya as savages, the Mayas' books were destroyed along with their leaders and priests, so removing the Mayas knowledge and past. One suspects that, apart from the four known surviving books, others exist in religious vaults, somewhere

The Maya were no angels, though, with a warrior-agricultural culture mix. Whilst apparently not as bloody as the Aztecs, they were a practicing a human sacrifice culture with highly developed and remarkable astronomical abilities and buildings. They were spread around much of the Yucatan Peninsular (Mexico/Guatemala/Belize) area and beyond. There are many remains, rescued from the Jungle, which actually preserved them from destruction by pious greedy men.

Mayan ruins at Coba

This is a relatively recently discovered site and little refurbishment has yet taken place. Covering some 4 square kilometres in the middle of the jungle, this is an interesting place. Climbing the pyramid - slightly higher than the one at Chichen we were told, was quite exciting and very hot. There are no decent pictures of the pyramid at present.



The pyramid        

One of the restored buildings

The same building from the top of the pyramid

Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza

The famous pyramid - the 'Castle'

   In the ball court.

The observatory  

Around and about - the 'Nunnery and House of Hidden Writing' and 'Ossuary'


And that is pretty much it at the moment. Some 35mm pictures to be scanned in when ready.