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Linking to and from Ancient Stones site

I welcome applications for reciprocal links. To request one, please send your request, containing a URL, the (100 word max) description you would like and (optional) a small banner no larger than 180 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. Ensure I have your CORRECT email address! Links are welcome for historical, archaeological, pagan, environmental, new-age, Earth mysteries and other related sites. For commercial sites, I would also like reciprocation on the candles4all site. Links must be family friendly and credible. No 'adult' sites!  Requests should be sent using the general purpose and submission form with words like "Reciprocal Link Request" in the subject line. 

IMPORTANT POINT: This site has a clear path to this page. I will not swap links with sites who do not offer a clear path and easy use of their links page(s)

Information for your site's link to here:

Banner Link      180*60 pixels
Text Link  Ancient Stones
URL www.ancientstones.org.uk
Descriptive Text: Ancient Stones, a site of Ancient Stones - myths, legends, archaeology and the spiritual. This site is focuses on, but is not restricted to, the Neolithic and Bronze Ages and the magnificent monuments that those people left

At the time the links are added, they are checked for suitability. Periodic checking occurs to maintain this but if you find an inappropriate or broken link please email me and let me know.

Links exist either because I personally like a site or, more often, because it is a reciprocal link to another relevant site providing mutual benefit. I will add links here before agreed reciprocal links to this site appear on the other sites. Sites not adding a link to here, after agreeing to do so, will be removed from here.

I accept no responsibility, or effects thereof, for the content, suitability or any aspect of a linked site and it is up to the user to ensure their own web safety.


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