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Sancreed Well

OS Ref: SW418293                Type: Holy Well                        Disabled: No

Access: Good            1. By footpath from Grumbia/Sancreed road opposite The Beacon OR
                                      2.  From public footpath opposite Sancreed church                                                                         


I had just visited Boscowan and Carn Euny with my daughter and decided to take a scenic route back via the byeway from the iron-age village to Grumbia. On the way to Sancreed my daughter spotted the "Holy Well" sign on the road and we stopped to have a look. It was surprising as no path was marked on the OS map, but I now know the path to be a "permissive". (I think that a certain landowner would rather access there rather than through the public path thorough his land).

The path was relatively clear and made a pleasant walk, getting overgrown and muddy for a bit nearer to the well. Its well worth a visit (no pun intended!) and I would say the whole immediate area is a good place for some quiet contemplation.


The inside of the well is very green with a large number of offerings. The photo does not do justice to the fairy-grotto feel inside.

Apparently the background radiation in the well is much higher than the local average, so I would suggest that one does not stay over-long inside or drink the water! (Cornwall has a high level of radiation coming from the ground owing to its geology and houses have to be built such that there is no dangerous build up of radon gas).







Outside the well is a cross, erected in honour of those who had cared for the well, and a tree covered in clouties. When we were in Cyprus the previous year we looked at a cloutie tree and found, amongst other items, a pair of black knickers which made me wonder what was being wished for





There are numerous bits of stone outside, remnants from the chapel that once stood there